1 photographer

2000 people

1250 rolls of film

15,000 photographs

1 single humanity


“Fifteen Percent” is a non-profit art project that aims to combat stereotypes by portraying the many facets and identities of individuals across the world, in an expressive effort that aims to celebrate diversity as a resource for the whole of humanity.

“FifteenPercent” is the proportion of the world’s population which is made up of persons with disabilities.

The objective of the project is to put new light on persons with disabilities and their stories and to raise questions among the audience concerning  these filters created by stereotypes and misconceptions which have distorted our vision and values.

With the adoption of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in 2006, a paradigm shift has taken place to discard the vision of persons with disabilities as objects of charity and medical treatment and to adopt a human rights based approach which recognizes their rights and values their participation and inclusion in society. 

FifteenPercent commenced in 2015 and aims at portraying the multiple facets and identities of humanity as a celebration of difference and diversity.  Every frame of the project is centered on the personal story of the subject, first and foremost as an individual with their personal stories and ambitions.  Disability becomes just one element among many which make up one’s identity. 

FifteenPercent seeks to raise awareness and understanding that our communities are ever enriched by the diversity of its members, be they persons with disabilities, women, youth, older persons, persons belonging to minorities and all other groups.  And our communities can only be strengthened by ensuring the inclusion of each of its members. 

The project is thus a call to embrace diversity as part and parcel of humanity.  The stories that compose the work derive from: Italy, Ecuador, Romania, Nepal, Germany, Albania, Cuba, Mongolia, India, Ireland, Switzerland, Kenya and Cambodia.


FifteenPercent is a non-profit project and it is not intended for make profits.