Every frame of the series is centered on the subject, first and foremost as an individual with their personal stories and ambitions.  Disability becomes just one element among many which make up one’s identity. 

FifteenPercent seeks to raise awareness and understanding that our communities are ever enriched by the diversity of its members, be they persons with disabilities, women, youth, older persons, persons belonging to minorities and all other groups and intersections.  Our communities can only be strengthened by ensuring the inclusion of each of its members. 

There is no sensationalisation within these pictures, there is only reality without rhetoric.

The images of Christian Tasso are shot with medium format cameras. The film is processed manually and then printed with analog or digital fine art techniques.

This process sees its value in slowness itself: months of waiting to see again the faces encountered on the road, years of waiting to let their stories and their souls emerge in an an exhibition with aspirations that go beyond the simple travel storytelling.

It is an art exhibition, because art can contribute to the development of new visions, art questions and proposes new perspectives.